Omega 3 Fish Oil


A fish oil you can rely on and trust. Our concentrated fish oil is triple the strength and is easily digested because it is in triglyceride form with no ugly aftertaste burps. Our sources are 100% wild caught fish and has efficient amounts of EPA and DHA which are important for cellular and metabolic health. Twenty2 doesn’t take short cuts like many companies do for cost savings. We believe in quality and efficacy. Our fish oil goes through a micro molecular distillation process to remove all heavy metals, dioxins and PCBS to ensure highest purity, we then take an additional costly but necessary step to make sure the final product is in triglyceride form rather than ethyl ester. 98% of the fats absorbed in our body is in natural triglyceride form, our body cannot absorb ethyl ester as easily which is why this additional and timely step is a no brainer for us. *


NOTE: The label panel says 60 servings. There are 30 servings. 60 tablets. This was a printer issue that will be adjusted next restock.


Omega 3's

  • ALA, DHA and EPA are all components that make up omega 3s.
  • DHA and EPA can be synthesized through ALA but it is a low conversation rate which is why it is suggest to supplement fish oil in your diet if you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Our body is made up of over 37 trillion cells and each of those cells contain are made up of phospholipids. It is evident our bodies need adequate fat sources to run optimally.
  • Play important roles in the body directly relating to cellular health and function.
  • Critical roles in brain function, eye and sperm function. *
  • Provides energy for the body.
  • Can fight inflammation at a molecular level both joint and arterial. *
  • Some research suggests that omega 3’s can benefit the brain and mental health. *
  • Consume with food that is higher in fats. It can increase absorption 20%. *
  • Natural triglyceride fish oils absorb 50% more plasma DHA & EPA than ethyl ester forms of fish oil. *


  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid that plays a vital role in building cell membranes.
  • Essential for brain development during pregnancy and early childhood. *
  • Plays a vital role in metabolism and is involved in over 100 enzyme reactions in our body.
  • DHA builds healthy tissues in many organs throughout fetal development and after birth. *
  • Research points to improved heart health, better vision and reduced inflammatory responses. *


  • Eicosatetraenoic acid is a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid playing a similar role but different role than DHA.
  • Most important omega to reduce molecular inflammation because it is an inhibitor to AA an omega 6- fatty acid which in too high amounts are pro-inflammatory. The more EPA in your diet the less AA (arachidonic acid). *

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