The Story of Twenty2

Hannah and Josh are both former division one athletes. Hannah competed for the University of Nebraska as a gymnast and Josh played as a defensive back for the Air Force Academy and is now a Veteran.

The drive and standard of excellence within them both played out in their collegiate and professional careers. However, as they transitioned from the arena of collegiate athletics to the health and wellness environment, finding supplements that were natural, effective, and had a genuine impact on performance and overall health and wellness was a struggle.

In fact, they could not find a product that aligned with their standard of health, impact, and ethics. When Hannah fell pregnant, this frustration only grew. For starters, there was such a limited amount of supplements that were safe for pregnancy, and then none that she felt comfortable about ingesting for herself or  for baby Jaden.

That is when the two decided, “why not make our own”.

This way they knew exactly what was going into their bodies, but they could also create and uphold the standard of excellence by which they have lived and conducted their athletic and personal lives.

From start to finish they insured standard of ethics and quality from where the ingredients are sourced, how they are processed, and where they are made.

They made strong boundaries and a clear vision of the type of products they wanted to create, and settled for nothing less than excellent.

Twenty2 was birthed, and has since grown into a community of thousands who love and live by these products. Into a company that is improving quality of life domestically and internationally.  Our products have found their way into the hands of pregnant mothers to elite level athletes.

Twenty2 is for your health, no matter your goals.

We source all over the word for the finest ingredients to ensure quality, but all of our final products are formulated right here in the US. The facility that manufactures all of our Twenty2 products have been awarded the title, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility and they go above and beyond FDA standards.

The requirements for a GMP facility includes a strict system of protocols, checks, and balances, which ensures that all products and ingredients are consistently produced and monitored under strict quality control.

Once our products have reached the completion stage, a sample is sent to an accredited processing lab and will go through an independent and separate analysis.

From here, the products are issued a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for: excellence.

This COA also includes a Microbial analysis as well as a heavy metal analysis of our products.