Where are your ingredients sourced from?

  • We source our product ingredients from all-around the world to ensure we have the best quality, pricing, and standards for our products. The final products are then made in the US.

Why the name Twenty2?

  • The founder of this company, Hannah, named it Twenty2 because of her past experiences. Twenty2 is the moral foundation of what the company was built on and serves as the reminder of where the company came from.

    Stevia tastes super bitter and is unpleasant to me, what can I do?

    • If our products do not taste sweet but rather taste bitter or acidic, you may have a sensitivity to stevia. It can take about two weeks for your taste buds to adjust to stevia. Mixing it with more water or another medium like coconut milk, tea, or sparkling water can help mask the taste until your taste buds adjust!

    What is your return policy?

    • If you have opened your product, we do not accept returns, however; if you are dissatisfied, please email our customer service at twenty2nutrition@gmail.com so we can best assist you! We give 50% off opened products for dissatisfaction or a 40% single-use discount code for a purchase of a future product.

    Why are the containers not filled all the way up to the rim?

    • It is industry standard to fill our containers around 3/4 full or below depending on the protein powder. This prevents spillage during the manufacturing process and exploding during shipment. Our products may also appear less full because we do not add any unnecessary fillers to simply make our products fuller with ingredients that are not active ingredients. The active ingredients are what makes the product work and is what you are paying for. Some companies will pixy dust their products to make larger profit margins by decreasing the active ingredients (which are the ingredients you need) and increasing the fillers. This may make a product  fuller but ultimately does not benefit you.

    What quality control protocols are in place?

    • All of our products are made in the US. The facility that manufactures our products is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. This type of facility utilizes a myriad of systems of checks and balances 

      to ensure that all of our products are consistently produced under strict quality control. Once our products are completed, a sample is sent to a lab and goes through a separate analysis and is issued a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for. This COA also includes a Microbial analysis as well as a heavy metal analysis of our products.